About Us

LutherMichigan was founded by Mr. Luther Mason, an American businessman from Detroit, Michigan. One of the first investments of Mr. Luther was an American chemical startup which was founded by a school friend of Mr. Luther. The chemical company is now one of Michigan’s largest producers of chemicals.

Mr. Mason continued his investment career with investing in businesses within the entertainment industry or are intimately connected. Some of his investments in the entertainment industry include British online casino Ladbrokes and the most extensive amusement park in the USA that is Six Flags.

Mr. Luther got his first investment cash by pitching cigarettes and liquor to the cargo transports that would dock in the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal in Newark Bay which is the place he put in a couple of years and began working odd harbor related JO. He would go to the boats of the sailors with his stock as a portion of the ships couldn’t remain for long. The ship workforce did not have breaks until the point that they had left the port.

For a long time, our commitment to those who invest with us has been at the core. We are consistently creating and reinventing with the aim of making a difference to all our customers. Apart from an unmatched investment platform, we also have a brokerage platform, credit and lending services as well as wealth management.

We change the investment landscape with innovative and advanced digital experience, affordable rates, 24/7 customer service, and outstanding lending products. As one of the largest investment companies in the entire country, we have extensive experience that makes us the most preferred in the United States. Our brokerage platform and wealth management offers investment products that every investor can afford regardless of their level. Our fees are relatively low to fit your budget.

At the company, we employ the latest technologies to ensure that we provide quality services to all our customers. Our supportive team makes life easier for you with their diverse, inspiring ideas.

We have a genuine regard for each other both our clients and groups we serve. We improve other people’s situation with an aggregate desire to enhance your investment experience. Furthermore, we have an authentic comprehension of what truly matters to our customers.

Besides, we have the fundamental commitment to putting our clients at the focal point of all that we do. Headed to guarantee that each association is unprecedented, our sole concentration is what’s best for our clients and their money-related prosperity.

Tirelessly innovative, we are always making and reexamining with the particular reason for having a genuine effect on our clients.

The association’s autonomy liberates us to seek after the sole objective of making an enduring incentive for our customers. The lifespan and security of our speculation group empower us to ultimately join the lessons from past market conditions into the progressing stewardship of our customers’ advantages. At long last, we trust that an ideal approach to prevail as a firm is to concentrate our assets on serving our current customers well. The theory that aides the administration of our venture portfolios is based on conventional standards: we contribute with a long haul skyline, utilize a thorough value train, and lead our particular research. Our primary leadership process takes a full favorable position of individual bits of knowledge inside a group situated culture. These components drive the accomplishment of the aggressive returns that we help our customers get. With that in mind, we have set up an outline for dealing with a venture firm accentuating possession, steadiness, and high moral guidelines. Investing with us guarantees you returns.